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Introducing the new CP395 DMR

Incorporating the latest technology with a compact, rugged design and easy-to-use features, the CP395 DMR is a high-performance walkie-talkie for the modern age. With a waterproofing rating fo IP67 the CP395 is designed to withstand the harshest environments from dusty deserts to hurricane-level downpours. Drop it down a staircase, the tough, drop-proof all-metal aluminium housing will keep your walkie working. The high-capacity battery ensures that even on those extra-long days, the CP395 is a tool you can depend on.


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For Professionals, by Professionals.

CP229 ARC Pro

For Professionals by professionals. Build with top quality in mind, the CP229 packs a punch for a PMR446 low power radio. Built-in programmer, changing channels and CTCSS/DCS is a breeze with an intuinative menu. Drop tests shows it can withstand rough usage and best for Contruction use. Best of all, NO LICENSE required

CP226 ARC Mini

So small, so compact..so irresistably useful for outdoor, restuarant use. You won't even feel its there in your back pocket.